Center of splendor

The world is quiet. During a good run, or while looking at someone I love, the world goes mute, and I only see what’s in front of me. Everything else is in the details.

I don’t want to look for love, or God or happiness in the details. It’s not there. But if I turn the sound off and look up, I know that everything has beauty, and I am the center of splendor. And when I see you, I know that you are the center of splendor, too.

I maintain the childish and inane belief that every person, deep down, has an unwavering light inside. I don’t believe there is a difference between science and miracles. They are one and the same!! Neurons are miracles. Our bodies are made from the same substances as the sun, clouds, and my dog. The world is beautiful, and maybe you don’t need to be something to succeed. You just need to realize that there is no path to enlightenment. You’re already in the center, you simply need to realize it.

Everyone has mud covering their center of light. I have plenty. The mud comes from fear, shame, or self-doubt. But these things are all just noise, and when I put them on mute, I see my own light, and revel in the silence.


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