Converse are my sexy shoes

I heard an NPR story a few weeks back that bluntly stated everything that was wrong with Seattle fashion. We have the fourth largest group of fashion designers in the nation, they said, but we abide by no rules! We wear hooded sweatshirts everywhere, all the time! They interviewed a fashion designer who offloaded her woes. “Yoga pants are for yoga, and nothing else.” Oops. I happened to be wearing yoga pants at the time, and I had no intention of attending a yoga class that day.

I am what is wrong with Seattle fashion, and I’m not ashamed of it. My hope is, actually, that the problem with Seattle fashion is that we have too much confidence. I think I look great in a hoodie and torn jeans. Converse are my sexy shoes. The problem with my fashion sense is the fact that I don’t think of it as a problem. I look cute in a beanie, and seldom fail to take one off from September to April. Yes, I am 33 years old and perhaps dress like I’m 20. I consider myself a fashion honey badger (I don’t give a sh*t), and maybe that’s not a bad thing.

When I was 16, I went on a week-long hiking trip sans mirror or running water. When we reached a trailhead with a bathroom, I took a good look at myself. I had dirt and dried sweat streaking down my face and my hair was somehow plastered down with grease and sticking every which way at the same time. But my eyes were bright and my lungs were clean. “Damn!” I said out loud. “I’m dirty, nasty, and I still look amazing!” Yes, I have no humility.

I am very proud to say I have not changed in … wow, 17 years. I know I have no fashion sense. I like looking good, but the “problem” is that I think I look good most of the time. This is why I love Seattle. It is a city of people (mostly) united by fleece, Gore-tex, and galoshes. We’re not swanky. But our eyes are bright and our lungs are clean from playing outside, and healthy confidence is sexier than designer clothes any day of the week.

– Inspired by Tuesday as “Just Write” day!